Sunday, July 24, 2011

Well it took a few days but I got a...shitty signal admitedly, but a signal none the less. Now where was I. Oh right, the fact I can't remember the past few fucking months of my life. That seems to be almost a necessity for someone in the same line of "work" as me. Work heavily emphasized.

I guess a little bit more backstory would help. I'm sure a fair number of you reading this might remember me meeting someone else in the same situation, Hakurei. If you follow what she's been going through, then you know how the last meeting went, with me being chased off by Mr. Tall and faceless.

He didn't get me, naturally. Spoilers of course. So after I manage to shake him off, don't ask how, I'm still questioning how the hell I managed to get out of there. Still, I made it out and rather than stick around and overstay my welcome. He came after ME after all, he didn't go after her, heroic sacrifices and all that jazz.

So I hitch hike for a few towns, heading...know, I can't even remember where I was going. This is when it started to get fuzzy. Everything kinda bleeds together about the enxt three towns over, living the M style of life: In the gutter, alone and hungry. Yeah, I don't really have a home to go to. All I have is this laptop, a cord, the clothes on my back and a really shitty backpack. Even then I can't believe I used to sleep under the TREES. Still, I learned from that mistake.

Now, in a town...well, shoot, I can't even remember the name of the town. It all a dream. So All I remember is walking down the VERY BUSY STREET mind you, and then...nothing.

Everything goes dark and I go off the grid. I remember it being sometime in April, and now it's July. Fuck, man, I even missed my birthday. Do you know how much that bums me out? But anyway, kidding aside, I wake up on the street. I still have my laptop, my cord, my clothes and my backpack. Not a single thing out of place.

So now at this point it's a matter of trying to get in contact with Hakurei again and seeing if I can get anywhere from there.

Until then.


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  1. Message received, man. I just can't believe you're (mostly) alright. After nearly 3 months with no word, I was getting seriously worried. =/